Here’s A Thought…


#HootSuite Hooray!

I am so happy to announce that I have FINALLY completed my #HootSuite Certification! This is a tool that I could NOT live without, but more importantly, brings value to the Social Media Strategy that I offer to my clients. The #HootSuiteU is such a resource for learning and ongoing education – not to mention […]

What Else Is New?


life lesson #1

This one is the most significant because it was the very FIRST Life Lesson. There are definitely better ones, and they all can’t be sexy, right? Reading the manual is very, very important. If more people actually took the time to read instructions, the world would be a much saner place and Emergency Rooms wouldn’t […]


life lessons episode #2 (because we lost episode #1)

A bit of background. Life Lessons is something I started with my two nieces about 4 years ago, right around the time my brother and his then wife (their mother) were splitting up. Silly us, we started it on a piece of paper and somehow (surprise, surprise) it got lost. Over the years, it has […]